When Someone Says They Don’t Like Me Ouch Shirt


Thank youyou had an When Someone Says They Don’t Like Me Ouch Shirt amazingly great speech you have and are doing so much for our country and helping the people who work so hard to just make ends meet thank you for putting your heart into everything you are doing it. Though I read she was also a lawyer a lawyer an officer of the court would understand more than anyone the intent of answering questions accurately put them all under adult supervision until they are fully functional adults who are capable of handling adult decisions like responsible adults they should stop acting like years old childrenwhat I dont understand is why these judges think that are above the law and feel that can make it up because they dont like the guy where is a judge review by other judges prayers for mr stone due to this misjudgment from a corrupt justice system directed by worthless judge judges. America more americans turn out for potus rallies than will vote dem in primaries hahahaha its over dems goin down in flames why does your budget include cuts to medicare please come to buchanan ny and help us alison leewhat part of his job is he not doing I will be vote for you and I wanna come to usa

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