Waino Yadi ’20 Shirt

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Need to fix this pronto and get The Waino Yadi ’20 Shirt perpetrators maybe they could be the meals the bear has missed out. On so much cruelty towards animals in this world this morning i read about animal sacrifice in nepal now this. So distressing and disappointing what the hell is wrong with people those people need to be caught and forced to. Go clean it off the bear not sedated i hate humans the sooner the lot of us go extinct the. Better literally dont even need to read the article to know it happened in russia highlighting the resemblance between a.

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Waino Yadi '20 Tank Top

Waino Yadi ’20 Tank Top

Waino Yadi ’20 Shirt is Available In All Styles

Polar bear and a tank The Waino Yadi ’20 Shirt only reason theyre coming into populated areas is because they are hungry their hunting. Grounds are disappearing due to the ice packs melting the bears arent doing wrong we are the polar bear population. Is getting a little large im not worried always wanted to know what polar bear taste like too so making. It virtually impossible for the bear to hunt is really going to help discourage it from reentering populated areas to. Find an easy meal utterly stupid what on earth was the object of this poor thing for goodness sake why.

Waino Yadi '20 Hoodie

Waino Yadi ’20 Hoodie

Waino Yadi ’20 Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Moteefe Shirt

Cant we just leave animals alone how about line up The Waino Yadi ’20 Shirt spray painting fools and have them greet all the. Bears they painted what kind of natural coloring marks t on polar bears take a look at the picture how. Did someone actually get close enough for so long to spray it on so perfectly thats what i want to. Know what they should do is track it tranquilizer it and try to wash the spray paint out of its. Fur the best they can the article doesnt say anything about what theyre doing to help this bear nobody is.

Waino Yadi '20 Longsleeve

Waino Yadi ’20 Longsleeve

Asking The Waino Yadi ’20 Shirt greater question how the heck did someone get close enough to do this the stupidity and selfishness of. Some people never fails to amaze me this is why we cant have nice things how does one get close. Enough to a polar bear to actually spray paint it anyway hopefully he ate the people who did this there. Is a dumb animal and its not the polar bear some so called animal welfare activists do more harm than. Good by their actions or it could make the polar bear an apex predator if the markings scare the competition.

Waino Yadi '20 Sweater

Waino Yadi ’20 Sweater