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Stay strongthe joy of the Too Far Tony Shirt lord is our strength thank you. Thank you for saving our country crack the dems give the middle class better tax breaks and rein in the insurance companies robbing the middle class ever notice the foreign names who bash our great president cant wait for the rallyi love my president come to arkansas one more time mrpresident. So you cronies can enjoy big tax cuts you promised to eliminate the debt to build infrastructure better healthcare and more promises that you havent come closesee more fun fact in the entire federal pandemic management team was fired by our current president and its congressionally approved budget was eliminated because it was established by his immediate predecessor the reason the team was originally establsee more mr president sircould youpay your billsbuy foodclothesgasvehicle expencesa birthday gift for your daughters and grandsonsamd christmas giftslive at all on a month because ssi will not count your back taxes that you borrowed k tosee more thess sudden destruction president trump announces with prime minister netanyahu at the white house that they have agreed to a two state solution which will double the land for the palestinian state in israel give the palestisee more president donald j trump you must veto this bill these democrats must not infringe on our right to bear arms democrats and bloomberg submitted a bill on thursday to take arizona guns leaving them with only small pistols

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