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Summer on a very cloudy wet day wearing inappropriate clothing including a woman wearing going out shoes with a heel. And holding a hand bag a small boy not being monitored by adults at all a lot of people up. There didnt seem prepared at all to quote billy connolly in The TBxTB Shirt s mountain rescue are fed up rescuing people. In their slippers tried to comment but words evade me they have put mountain rescuers lives at risk through their. Sheer arrogance hope they make a hefty donation to the mountain rescue for rescuing them they sound like the visitors.

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TBxTB Longsleeve

TBxTB Longsleeve

TBxTB Shirt is Available In All Styles

That come to peggys cove in nova scotia and in spite of signs wander onto The TBxTB Shirt black rocks and get. Swept into the north atlantic and expect the local people to risk their lives to rescue them i keep saying. You cant fix stupid khaki shorts and sand shoes saved by whatwords its better than googling the postcode for ben. Nevis i guess they should be fined thats outrageous and pure stupidity thats putting rescuers lives at risk and thats. Not right and others risked their lives to rescue them they deserved a darwin award instead theres no cure for.

TBxTB Tank Top

TBxTB Tank Top

TBxTB Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Moteefe Shirt

Stupid hope The TBxTB Shirt rescuers benefit from a sizeable monetary donation natural selection nearly did its thing these types of irresponsible. People should be given fines to pay if it wasnt for the brilliant volunteers that risk their lives these idiots. Probably wouldnt be safe and well what fecking idiots glad they are okay but this behaviour and lack of preparation. Is one of the reasons almost all emergency services are stretched so thin not that you can prep for a. Night on the beer but yet on my local newspaper said that a guy called because the bouncer wouldnt let.

TBxTB Hoodie

TBxTB Hoodie

Him in due to him wearing trainers personally i think they are just zombie fodder they should hold their heads. In shame an absolutely disgraceful act of ignorance i personally think they should be fined or something similar but i. Believe glencoe mrt are reluctant to introduce anything like it in fear that people or in this case numpties dont. Then use The TBxTB Shirt service perhaps endangering more lives isnt ben nevis one of the tallest mountains in britain why would. You fo that climb when its still not even spring without gear fine them and the stupid person who put.

TBxTB Sweater

TBxTB Sweater