ST 20 Champs Shirt

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Teams potential darwin award winnerspity is not legal to just leave them there as a permanent reminder not to be. A dick well done rescuers as always oh i think they will get charged for this bloody idiots not only. Put themselves at risk but also The ST 20 Champs Shirt people that had to go out to rescue them there needs to be. A crime created negligent mountaineering or similar these people willfully put both their own and the rescuers lives at risk. And cost thousands by forcing the coast guard helicopter to intervene make the idiots pay towards the costs ridiculous who.

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ST 20 Champs Sweater

ST 20 Champs Sweater

ST 20 Champs Shirt is Available In All Styles

Needs crampons when youre hanging onto The ST 20 Champs Shirt side of mountain in a blizzard the last thing those people were thinking. Of was things to drop into a bowl of soup make them transfer a significant deposit by paypal when they. Phone to request helprefundable if and when they have been assessed to have made all reasonable attempts to equip themselves. Properly for their outing just a thought bloody idiots they should be accoutable for their mindless actions they should pay. A heavy fine and put a but a big donation to the rescue team its a strange thing to do.

ST 20 Champs Tank Top

ST 20 Champs Tank Top

ST 20 Champs Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Moteefe Shirt

With all The ST 20 Champs Shirt good information about re footwear and weather conditions may be we need to make it clear there. Are financial penalties in certain rescue situations they should be billed for the expenses for the rescue idiots putting other. People at risk these lads were not from uk they had no idea how dangerous the scottish mountains werenot climbers. Or hillwalkers they just made a mistake like humans do i believe they should be charged for the service accidents. Are one thing but stupidity xant be excused thats right up there with the surfer who need rnli volunteers to.

ST 20 Champs Longsleeve

ST 20 Champs Longsleeve

Risk themselves rescuing him from The ST 20 Champs Shirt sea during the storm the other day make them pay for the cost of. The rescue poor guys out there risking their lives to rescue these bloody idiots when they know full well that. Theres bad weather on the way anyone going up a munro or mountain must be insured and follow strict clothingequipment. Rules failure will cost a fine andor cost of rescue going up uninsured or wrong clothing and its a fine. They should be presented with the bill for the teams effort in rescuing them how dare they put the brave.

ST 20 Champs Hoodie

ST 20 Champs Hoodie