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The out come the fact that the judge still went ahead with the sentencing despite getting the facts about the biased juror is evident enough of a Kourtney Kardashian Beat Me Bite Me Whip Me Shirt rigged justice system meanwhile mccabe comey page and others remain untouched for the same crime shocking sooo much dirty politics corruption crooks and bad judges in washingtonplease continue to drain the swampits sooo bad there our borders should be shut down to stop the caronavirus from spreading to the us its called justice not just us some gators will stay in the swamp till the very endsure hope that corona virus doesnt hit california or congress the case should be overturned and charges filed on her for lying under oath and failure to disclose her prior biases so do my president of the united states and joe apparel you need to get old mitch work a little harder on getting her removed from that court. I pray for the lord to continue to lead you and guide you as well as place a hedge around you that no weapon formed against you will prosper godbless you president trump you. Im sure the house will be rocking as usual because the poll numbers are so close I believe dems are going to try and rig the next election

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