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Not he has no evidence of nothing he presumed The I’m Speaking Shirt president did something wrong please a nothing burger amazing that. This president doesnt seem to know anyone in his administration very well at least all of those that drop him. In it or get convicted of things maybe he should try to get to know his staff completely believable unless. You listened to him literally say that the president said the opposite those evidenceless trolls are all over this thread. Eh saying something isnt damning doesnt mean it isnt like saying something isnt quid pro quo doesnt make it not.

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I'm Speaking Longsleeve

I’m Speaking Longsleeve

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Quid pro quo you might want to examine us evidentiary standards lolno proof and it was all his assumptions he. Said so in his testimony russian collusion probe all over again while The I’m Speaking Shirt president may not have directly spoken of. Conditioning a white house visit or military aid on ukrainian investigations sondland said it was clear to him that this. Was the presidents intent how is that a bombshell that is hardly proof bbc was asleep when sondland said this. Gordon sondland i never heard from president trump that aid was conditioned on an announcement of investigationsxem sondland no quid.

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I’m Speaking Tank Top

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Pro quo also sondland no quid pro quo sondland again no quid pro quoxem question no answer The I’m Speaking Shirt question no. One on this planet told you that donald trump was tying this aid to the investigation because if your answer. Is yes then the chairman is wrong and the headline on cnn is wrong no one on this planet told. You thaxem a lot of people do not understand the legal meaning of quid pro quo it is not just. An exchange of favours if it is if i pay for an icecream i should have been arrested no sir.

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I’m Speaking Sweater

In common law quid pro quo indicates that an item or a service haxem it doesnt matter as long as. Republicans keep putting party loyalty ahead of patriotism it doesnt matter what anyone says and it doesnt matter what proof. Of trumps guilt is presented they love power more than they care about america The I’m Speaking Shirt whole impxem rep michael turner. So you really have no testimony that ties president trump to a scheme to withhold aid from ukraine in exchange. For these investigations sondland other than my own presumption im impartial in this very interesting and very crucial political court.

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I’m Speaking Hoodie