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Do it again a very hefty donation to The Dr Amy Acton T Shirt mountain rescue team whose lives they put at risk to rescue. Them ive been up ben nevis and know what it is like at some point on their to hour trek. To the summit with a blizzard and c temps they must surely have at some point thought mmm maybe we. Should turn back as its a bit dangerous and probably wont improve its called thinning of the herd god bless. The rescuers bloody uber eats delivery people never come prepared for the british weather last time i call them when.

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Dr Amy Acton T Longsleeve

Dr Amy Acton T Longsleeve

Dr Amy Acton T Shirt is Available In All Styles

I am camping unfortunately The Dr Amy Acton T Shirt mountain rescue people are volunteers and are funded by charity something needs to change stupid. Is as stupid does hard to believe that not one of them had a clue i guess birds of the. Feather flock together sheesh yes a huge fine would be what we all hope happens they should be charged for. The cost of the helicopter and peoples time never mind the fact that they put other peoples lives at risk. A large donation to mountain rescue from these numpties is in order dont know why they dont charge people like.

Dr Amy Acton T Tank Top

Dr Amy Acton T Tank Top

Dr Amy Acton T Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Moteefe Shirt

This to be rescued fine them a person cover The Dr Amy Acton T Shirt costs of rescue teams definately fine them the cost of. All thisvery selfish actand crazy charge them cost of rescue what a waste of our emergency services not tomention risking. The lives of the brave rescuers hope they get billed for the pleasure of being rescued they had smartphones capable. Of giving them a threewordaddress location for rescuers yet apparently couldnt access the weather forecast which warned well in advance. Of snow ice and blizzards the question is did they merit rescuing lets go climbing in a grass skirt and.

Dr Amy Acton T Hoodie

Dr Amy Acton T Hoodie

Flip flops people actually are beyond stupid weve severe weather warnings and an aftermath of a storm have they been. Under a rock i would charge each of them for The Dr Amy Acton T Shirt privilege of the rescue teams services what a bunch. Of muppets unbelievable stupidity the risk to the people having to rescue them and also the financial cost will have. Been huge they should get recharged the costs they have to be rescued of course but putting others at risk. In that fashion is outrageous and the mountain rescue team are all volunteers putting their lives at risk to save.

Dr Amy Acton T Sweater

Dr Amy Acton T Sweater