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So just do it promises promises youre only skimming the surface and cherry picking the lowhanging fruit draining takes too long get out the dredgers and start getting those bottom feeders that are embedded in the muck you have a Clearwooder Phillies Shirt lot to drain in many administrationsi think everyone should be fired and all new outsiders to replace them yesss its past time for some of them to be held accountable thank you sir for making america great again should have cleaned house on day one better late than never go for it clean. Anyone have a real time update on the line no worries when they dont promote well promote times more power at our fingertipsactually it was on the news not the most diverse group but definitely your base. Only you can mr president keep up your courage strength and fight for our patriots we are fighting with you sad it came to this in a democracy thanks for having the fortitude and patience to expose the swamp for exactly what it is more yearsplease indeed the swamp needs to be drained to ensure the secured future of usa and there citizens draining the swamp is one of the reasons I voted for you they need to go just keep firing trust

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