American Flag Lion And Lamb Shirt


We love our president and familythey are the ones who tried relentlessly to change the outcome of our election and have tried ever since you were elected thats what all this charade is about they should have to pay back every dime they spent on it all everyone involved needs to be criminally charged and held accountable for hisher actions as a American Flag Lion And Lamb Shirt taxpayer I feel they should all have to pay back the wasted tax dollars for all of this from the beginning as a tax paying citizen who has been robbed repeatedly and lied to. So you plan on resigning best news ive heard in years diana delaurentis milleri think donald trump is the best president america has ever made god bless america god bless america and god bless and keep you mr president were behind you all the way. My mail it ballet came last week praying for youmr president yespresident trump is working hard to grow our economy because he wants all americans to benefit and experience prosperity

American Flag Lion And Lamb Shirt Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt